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Why Everyone Loves whoppit

We make recruitment a very simple process. Here's how easy whoppit is to use.

Step 1. Maximise your connections

Your dashboard will display every jobs board partner available to you to connect to. More connections means more applicants for your vacancies.

  • Connected to a huge amount of jobs boards both free & premium
  • We recommend the best premium jobs boards for urgent hires
  • New jobs boards are added automatically

Step 2. Connect your social media accounts

Connect to the maximum amount of social media platforms. We will automatically post to your social accounts each day with automatic scheduled posting.

  • Users can post to their own personal or the companies account
  • We support over 10 of the most popular social media accounts
  • Automated posts each day can be made so you do not waste time repeating this for each job
  • Reports & analytics on each job is provided for each social platform

Step 3. Create a job vacancy

Create a job vacancy and share it to as many free jobs boards and social media channels as possible with one click. Boost your jobs to premium jobs boards as and when required with exclusive whoppit discounts.

  • Existing job templates can be used to save time
  • Suggestions on pay rate and job details to maximise applications
  • Reports & analytics data can be provided

Step 4. Auto-generate your social posts

  • Auto-generate social posts with your branding with 1 click
  • Auto-posting each day multiply times for multiple jobs
  • QR Codes, User avatar images, short videos and reels

Step 5. Onboard your applications

Receive applicants from across the whoppit network admin free. You can request CVs proof of qualifications and references at the click of a button.

  • Customise your applicant swim lanes to oboard new staff easily
  • Invite team users to give your hiring managers a clear overview
  • Message, call and view your applicants references all in one simple view for each job

What Our Users Say

Check honest reviews from our customers and our applicants!

" whoppit took the hassle out of our constant hiring process. The time saved to manage this ourselves vs other recruitment companies and with the pricing. So there’s no real downside. "

Erris Builders

" We’ve been using whoppit for a while now and would not go back to the previous agencies we were using, partly because we could not afford to! Cheers. "

JAS Construction

" I have already heard back about the job I applied through whoppit, that’s the fastest job reply I’ve ever gotten and it’s so much better than waiting weeks to hear back. "

John Abbott

" My team really like using whoppit and would not go back to posting jobs manually again. Thank you. "

Gordon Bunday / The Hampshire Home Care Group

" The social media auto-posting is a life saver for us. Before we had to hire a Graphic designer to manage our social recruitment and now we just use whoppit! "

Barry Ferns / Points Services Ltd.
Recruitment Manager / Points Services Ltd.
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  • Quick Hire search & SMS
  • Performance Reporting & Analytics
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  • 40% discount  Premium Job Ads
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  • Pro ATS system features
  • Scheduled Social Media Posting
  • Unlimited Contact Storage
  • Quick Hire search & SMS
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